Our Story

We are an established distributor in Germany of medical and surgical supplies. We started off selling reusable resuscitators to local anesthesiologists thirty years ago.

Fast forward to today and we offer more than 5000 products to physicians, hospitals, suppliers and homecare patients across Europe. With this English language shop we hope to serve your medical supply needs with a selection of our products.

Inexpensive Fingertip Pulsoximeter

Pulsoximeter with OLED-Display Available immediately - from net 29,00€ / piece


Silicone-Oxygen-Tubing, reusable

The extension fpr your nasal cannula - available in 7m und 12m, starting at 18,00 € / piece


Pediatric ENT Laryngeal Mask

Sizes 2,0 and 2,5 available


Sterile Water for humdification

Available for immediate delivery, starting at € 27/sales unit


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